SUICIDOLOGY - Online Study

Julie Cerel, Ph.D. and Vanessa McGann, Ph.D. are looking into what survivors experience when and if they seek help.  They are conducting an online study about survivor loss and the experiences they may have had in individual counseling or therapy services following the loss.  At this point, not much is known about what is helpful or unhelpful for survivors of suicide loss as they cope with the experience in general. We know that survivors have differing experiences in individual counseling, but we aren’t sure what makes individual counseling a positive and helpful process for some but not for others. Hopefully your participation in this study will help to better understand the experiences of survivors of suicide loss in general, as well as the ways in which individual counseling impacted your grief experience. Please  consider participating in this study. You will be asked questions about yourself, the person you lost, and your experience and perceptions of individual counseling that you received after the loss. Participation is entirely up to you. At any point in the survey, you can decide you are no longer interested in participating. If you are willing to participate, log into  Thank you for considering participation in this study.