SAVE Meets Survivor Leaders in Portland

At the Oregon Partnership Crisis Lines in Portland on Wednesday, April 13, SAVE was the host of a special gathering of national and international suicide survivor community leaders. Survivors, people working in the fields of suicide grief support and suicide prevention, and experts from other fields joined together for a brainstorming session about Suicide Bereavement Support Groups functioning as a network and as part of a larger caregiving system.

The meeting was held as part of SAVE's ongoing initiative to improve the assistance available to survivors of suicide loss. Readers may view a Mind Map of the group's brainstorming session in Portland on a network of SBSGS, as well as the notes taken at the meeting 

Here are the closing remarks of SAVE Executive Director Dr. Dan Reidenberg, which capture the spirit of SAVE's commitment to strengthening suicide bereavement programs and services in communities everywhere:

Readers also can view a video of the closing comments made by the participants at the meeting. To learn more, please see or email Franklin Cook, Director of Survivor and Bereavement Programs.